The Ecomm Kings exist to maximize your retail results in the online world.

We simplify the process of Amazon by marketing and selling your products for you. 

Let's Build Your Amazon Strategy

Utilizing a smart analysis process, we determine where to spend time, energy and money more effectively. Results are measured in terms of happy customers, more customers, more revenue and higher margins.


Using information from our wide product portfolio and from across the Amazon Marketplace, The Ecomm Kings help you realize long-term success through customized campaigns.


We guide you through the complexities of the Amazon platform, help you identify new growth opportunities, and work with you to develop a strategy for sustained success.


The Ecomm Kings buy your product and executes logistics, advertising, marketing, and brand and intellectual property protection to build your business on Amazon.

Why Work With Us

By offering a simple all-in-one service, The Ecomm Kings is your end to end partner for navigating the complex world of e-commerce and developing a strategy that will help your brand soar.

We call ourselves partners because we are willing to put money on the table upfront to ensure mutual success. We do this through product purchases above the current price by 5-10% on our first order.

Additionally, we pay for all the ongoing SEO and advertisements necessary to get your brand out there or higher up there! If I can’t make money off your product I won’t buy it.

Years of Experience


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue

Advertising Fees

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